Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Got any questions/comments about NYCAVR? We want to here from YOU!

If anyone has any questions or comments about NYCAVR, the telethon, or Chronic Virginity... let them be known! We at NYCAVR want to educate the masses about our mission, and could always use any feedback. Let your voice be heard!

Write a question in the comments section, and we'll answer it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ALSO, don't forget to call in to the telethon this Friday, Sept. 23 between 7:00pm and 10:00pm. (347) 292-9389. That's (347) BY-BYE-VY (bye bye, virgin years)!

Thank you so very much!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's Do It Again (hehe)!! NYCAVR to Host Two More Live Telethons to Combat Chronic Virginity!

Please, PLEASE make the call. This Friday Sept. 23 and next Fri., Sept 30, NYCAVR will be ready, willing and able... to answer the phones! If you feel bad about missing the past 3 opportunities to make a difference in a young woman's life (a young woman who's been battling Chronic Virginity for some time, now)... don't be so hard on yourself! Pardon the pun. You have two more opportunities to call in, between 7:00pm and 10:00pm. Also, feel free to leave a message on our voicemail if we miss your call.

Please do your part to help a young woman in need? We've received a number of calls outside of the telethon hours, and would really love to hear from others on Friday.

Remember: the goal of this telethon is to help find a "devirginizer", essentially a "curer" for a 26-year-old woman, battling Chronic Virginity. CV is defined as "a non-contagious condition found only in adults whom have never engaged in sexual activity, primarily sexual intercourse, but may also include oral sex or heavy petting at the very lowest stages of sexual interaction."

The number is (347) 292-9389. That's (347) BY-BYE-VY (bye, bye, virgin years).

Dial safely!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Q. What do James Buchanan, Jessica Simpson, and Bao Xishun all have in common?

A. They're all dead?
A. None of them have ever been audited by the IRS?
Possibly... but that cannot be confirmed at this time.

The correct answer is, all three of them have been adult virgins. They belong on a short list of world-famous adult virgins! Bao Xishun was also named the tallest man by the Guinness World Records, which automatically made him the tallest virgin. Hans Christian Andersen? Kierkegaard? Sir Isaac Newton? Joan of Arc? Hitler?
Well.. that last one is actually a relief! Many of the individuals on this list died a virgin, while others were cured of Chronic Virginity.

On one hand, it is safe to conclude that many of these famous adult virgins had other things on their mind (philosophy, soaring up the pop chats, genocide, etc.) than sex. One may assume that a woman like Joan of Arc probably wasn't thinking about getting laid, but we do not know for certain. Perhaps she was shy. She had the incredible ability to voice her opinions about the injustices of the time, and even DIED for her country... but what if the fact is she became painfully shy around her crush? What if she had an inability to communicate with her love interest? This is just one of the symptoms of Chronic Virginity, and had NYCAVR been around when she was alive, she would've been cured of that condition (of course, New York would've needed to be in existence as well).

So, if this list of famous adult virgins speaks to others suffering with CV, we at NYCAVR want to help. NYCAVR will work very, very hard to find a cure for you... we have to make up for centuries of adults who slipped through the cracks!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Third time's a charm! NYCAVR is having its 3rd Telethon on July 23!

If you haven't called in to the telethon (which is everyone, since nobody has called yet), please call the New York Center for Adult Virginity Research tomorrow, July 23, 2011 between 7:30pm and 10:00pm.This will be our third telethon to find a "curer" for one 26-year-old woman, battling Chronic Virginity (CV). The phone number is (347) 292-9389 or (347) BY BYE VY (bye-bye, virgin years)! Please be a part of this special event, please? She's dying to find a cure for this thing!

Friday, June 3, 2011

The fight against CV continues in NYCAVR's 2nd Telethon!

Please call the New York Center for Adult Virginity Research on Sunday, June 12, 2011 between 8:00pm and 10:00pm.This will be our second telethon to find a "curer" for one 26-year-old woman battling Chronic Virginity (CV). The phone number is (347) 292-9389 or (347) BY BYE VY (bye-bye, virgin years).

Sex Makes The Brain Grow!

According to AOL Health and LiveScience.com in articles posted last summer, sex boosts brain growth in rats, and possibly in humans . In a study conducted by researchers at Princeton University, the group of rats that had sex on a daily basis had brain cells grow and even experience an increase in the number of connections between brain cells. The rats that only mated once every two weeks had elevated levels of stress hormones, while the daily "rat-humpers (just a little nickname NYCAVR uses for the test rats)" did not experience this. One very interesting finding: the sexually active rats were less anxious than the virgin rats! This was measured by the fact that they were quicker to eat food in an unfamiliar place.

Something to Ponder: How often do you (adult virgin) find yourself getting nervous and hesitant, when you go to a new restaurant? This research may answer the question "why?".

Having an active sex life can improve your health!

Sex is not only fun-- or as many friends of the founder of NYCAVR say, 'the best activity to do on a rainy day... or a snowy day... or a cloudy day... hell, ANY day, really'-- it can also increase your health. Here's an article from OneIndia.in explaining the benefits of sex.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Take part in the first ever telethon to combat adult virginity!

Welcome to the official website for the New York Center for Adult Virginity Research (NYCAVR)! Our mission is to help one adult virgin lose his/her virginity before it becomes a chronic condition. If you'd like to help a 26 year old female battling Chronic Virginity, or CV as it is primarily referred to, please call (347) 292-9389 today, or call during NYCAVR's first ever telethon on Sunday May 1, 2011 between 8pm and 10pm!