Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lolo Jones, We Are Here For You

News broke earlier this week that U.S. Track and Field star Lori "Lolo" Jones is an adult virgin. The 29-year-old 100 meter hurdler and London Olympic Games hopeful, has been having an extremely tough time finding a guy that will respect her decision to wait until marriage to have sex, due to her devout Christian beliefs. Many guys try to get her to have sex, or just flat out disappear when they find out she has Chronic Virginity (CV). She explains  just how tough it can be on Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel

We at NYCAVR want to extend our deepest sympathies to Ms. Jones, and encourage her to stay strong. We also encourage her to come to New York, pay NYCAVR a visit and allow us to help strategize in finding her 'de-virginizer'. A simple suggestion: sign up for There have to be at least a dozen adult virgins wanting to get married and finally be cured of this horrible condition. If marriage is what Lori needs, so be it! She should not compromise her beliefs for anyone. However, she must know that CV worsens as you get older. So finding a de-virginizer aka husband/life-long companion  should be of the utmost importance to her right now (along with going to the Olympics and winning gold, I guess).

Go for the gold, Lori!